Hello world!

A big hello! What should a first post consist of? Well, to avoid it becoming an onslaught of waffle I will focus on answering 3 questions…

Who are you?

My name is Mark Young, I’m a 28 year old web developer who also dabbles in design. I live in a town called St. Helens in England which is roughly between Liverpool and Manchester. For those of you that have the time or inclination you can learn more about me here.

What will you be blogging about?

Well, my area of choice will, for the most part, revolve around web development and design. In terms of development I focus mostly on PHP and MySQL, however, along with front-end development topics like HTML5 and CSS3 I will also touch on some of my other areas of interest (including iPhone development, mobile web apps and heuristics).

What is the reason you are blogging?

I was hesitant for the longest of times to start my own blog because I felt it was a mite narcissistic. What can I offer that isn’t already available on the seemingly infinite number of existing blogs on the same topics? I asked myself.

As time passed I realised that perhaps it could be viewed as more of an exercise in my own personal and professional development. As I work to improve my own skills I can keep track of and discuss them here; Think of this as my own little sandbox. Although I profess to be no master of my craft perhaps anyone reading can learn something through my own experiences at the same time.

As with most blogs you are of course invited to comment on any posts I make using the comment functionality found at the bottom of any article. All friendly discussion and constructive criticism are warmly welcomed.

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