Hello world!

I’ll give you the brief summary here. I am a 28 year old web developer who specialises in PHP and MySQL. I live in St. Helens which can be found between Liverpool and Manchester in the North West of England. I develop everything from simple websites to full blown business systems. I also dabble in many other things from design to iPhone development.

The bit about me

I started getting involved in the web industry when I was 14 and have been professionally involved since the age of 16. As a child, instead of insisting I would grow up to be a famous footballer or astronaut, I always wanted to be a games programmer (and for some reason a pottery maker… not really sure where that one came from).

It was my love of video games that initially sparked my interest in web development. Along with some similarly minded people I worked on a reasonably popular fan site. From there I spent a lot of personal time learning new languages, techniques and disciplines.

I completed a degree with honours at Manchester University in Multimedia Web Production and worked at a popular studio in Manchester at the same time. After graduation I joined another company in St. Helens where I mostly focus my attention on building business systems and websites.

Most of the development I do nowadays revolves around PHP and MySQL. On the side I also dabble in a number of other technologies including Flash, Objective-C and a bit of design.

The bit about this site…

This website is the playpen for my thoughts and ideas pertaining to web development, web usability, mobile app development and whatever else happens to grab my interest at the time.

The site is powered by the popular WordPress blogging platform with a few tweaks of my own here and there along with my own design.

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