Rendering issues in Sencha Touch caused by Ext.Sheet

I’ve spent quite a bit of time dealing with what appears to be a fairly serious problem in Sencha’s mobile device framework. Whilst it is an incredibly powerful and flexible framework there are some bugs in it’s core that need addressing before it will work properly for your application.
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Efficient and convenient autoloading in PHP

PHP5 introduced the concept of auto loading to PHP. Although this new ability saves developers the nightmare of including every class file they need explicitly at the top of each file, the default implementation is somewhat limited. You can get the best out of this functionality by writing your own autoload method.

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New Design, New Start!

So… yeah, I clearly didn’t do much in the way of keeping this blog updated since it’s inception. I have, however, promised myself to make a new start on it. As you can see I have redesigned the entire website and hopefully it’s a lot less cluttered and a lot more accessible.

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PHP Design Patterns: Strategy Pattern

I have recently finished reading Matt Zandstra’s PHP5 Objects, Patterns and Practice. With PHP5′s much improved support for object oriented coding, tried and tested design patterns have become much more applicable to PHP development.

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Hello world!

A big hello! What should a first post consist of? Well, to avoid it becoming an onslaught of waffle I will focus on answering 3 questions…

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